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What do you do when you get those late night cravings for something sweet?! get your partner in crime (aka Guilt & Co) to tag along and search for something most pleasurable to satisfy that sweet tooth. Thus Guilt & Co. was born. 
The identity of Guilt & Co was a self brief to create a conceptual dessert including packaging design. I wanted the brand to have a premium and sophisticated appeal to it's audience considered to be 'foodies' hitting the sweet spot but also delivering a tongue and cheek , fun and light hearted vibe... because after all, when should eating dessert be so serious!
As I wanted this product to be premium I researched into the history of gelato where its origins lie. So hello! Scoop Daddy!! aka Bernardo Buontalenti, first inventor of the gelato back in the 16th Century. And why not put an ice cream on your head!


Identity  Packaging design 

Finalist in the AGDA Student Awards 2015, for Packaging

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