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Antony Youssef's Organism takes inspiration from the city's annual arts, culture and light show, as well as events such as Dark Mofo — and it's illuminating the University of Sydney's Courtyard Restaurant & Bar.

Here's how it works: you head along, walk through a tree-filled space, and then watch as the installation responds to your presence. The piece's lights and music change to interact with visitors, in a gorgeous — and luminous — blend of technology and nature.

"People are momentarily removed from their environments, forgetting the mundanities of everyday life, ensconced in the possibilities, wonder and 'magic'," explains artist and University of Sydney student Youssef. If that sounds like a big call, then consider the specifics: one of the trees in his installation deploys sensors and lights to show how humans impact upon the environment, another triggers animations through the use of water, and another can receive text messages from participants.

The brief was to design wayfinding and exhibition material showcasing the exhibition.


Identity   Digital   Illustration   Print

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